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Four Steps To Effective Outsourcing

Tell us what you need and let’s discuss

Let us know what kind of job you want to outsource. What specialists do you need? What is the required skillset?

Fill in and submit our application form to inform us in detail what specialists you need. Whether it is a single employee or a team of professionals of various spheres, CoOutsource is ready to help! After we get your requirements, our dedicated team of experts will review it and get back to you to discuss everything in detail and offer you the best solutions targeted to your specific requirements.

Project Discussion

We will find you the perfect match

Once everything is clarified and confirmed, you will receive a detailed proposal within a couple of business days.

We won’t keep you waiting for long. After defining the outsourcing goals and confirming job specifications, we will contact you within a couple of business days depending on your requirements. Here the following cases are possible:

We have a candidate in our network who matches your requirements perfectly and is available to start working with you right away.
We currently don't have a candidate perfectly matching your requirements, so our team will work hard to find the best specialist for you.

Hire and work with your team with no risks involved

If you are completely satisfied with our proposal, you hire the candidate and they start working right away.

As soon as you review and approve of our recommended candidate, they will integrate into your team — just like an in-house employee. Depending on the project type, we determine a no-risk trial period that gives you an opportunity to work with the hired candidate first to explore their proficiency and work ethics before moving forward. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our selected candidate after the trial period, we will go back and start the process anew at absolutely no cost.

Team work success
Inhause workers group

Enjoy outsourcing as a real IN-HOUSE experience

After you hire a candidate or a team, we provide them with a comfortable and functional workspace as well as everything needed for efficient work process.

Depending on your project size CoOutsource features various workspace options, both shared and private, to make the outsourcing process even more effective. We believe that gathering your team in one place will boost communication and overall work effectiveness as well as develop a great team spirit. With us you will never worry about your freelancers disappearing in the middle of your project or being unavailable for days without a notice. We provide the freelancers in our network with workspaces that are convenient in all aspects and assist you with all kinds of administrative stuff. We do everything to keep outsourcing process on the highest level.

Freelancer Application

Apply as a freelancer — tell us about your skills & experience

Let us know about you, your education and skillset. What’s your work experience? What’s in your portfolio?

Fill in and submit the freelancer application form to inform us what is your speciality. Please describe in detail what your professional background and experience is, and what languages are you proficient in. After we get your application, our dedicated team of experts will review it and get back to you to set up an appointment for the next step.


Pass our screening and evaluation process

You will be required to pass several screening and evaluation tests to qualify for becoming a CoOutsource network member.

Our screening process includes language and professional skill tests to establish your proficiency level. The results will help us determine what projects are a good match for you. After successfully passing the screening process, you will be added to our ProFinder database and become a CoOutsource network member.
In case of failing the screening process you will be notified about the reasons and what you need to improve in order to be able to re-apply later.

Application Screening
Get hired

Get hired and work in comfortable workspaces

Get the desired job from clients worldwide. Enjoy the comfortable environment of our modern workspaces.

After we find the perfect project matching your skills, experience and preferences, we introduce you to the client. You discuss the job details with your client to move forward. CoOutsource provides you with a comfortable workspace and everything needed for an effective work process.


Get payed safely without high transaction fees

Enjoy safe and timely payments with CoOutsource Payment Protection program. Get paid via direct local bank transfers.

Forget about complex payment methods, endless transaction fees and payment delays. You receive all your payments by CoOutsource, transferred directly to your bank account with no risks involved. Our payment protection program guarantees safe and timely payments prior to the completion of the job. Learn more about payments and fees here.

Money transfer